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Gevort - Boston

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  • MaterialLeather, PU, Rubber
  • Size35 * 15 * 25 cm
  • Weight800 g

[ILS Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Premium Tublock "Gevort"
Technology of Tublock meets Natural Germanium



* Size: 250 ~ 285(Kor) 7~10.5(US)

* Color : Black

* Upper : 100% Leather (Natural germanium added)

* Sole: Rubber + PU

* Heal Hegith : 3cm 


Effect of Germanium :  Help blood circulation, Improve the recovery from fatigue & concentration, Remove foot odors & prevent dermatophytosis

Features of Gevort, Boston

-Soft and light midsole to prevent knee, ankle joints
-Coating with spandex file protects midsole from water and external damage
-Excellent resilience, non-slip, sweat emmision & lessen statiic electricity
-Good effect on remove bad foot odor, dermatophytosis and humid tetter (the effect of germanium)  


*World's first light weight midsole, commercialized low specific gravity PU (Patented) 

-It is super low specific gravity midsole beyond the physical limit.
-Protects toe joint and let them move using the crossing power of shock absorption and rebound resilence.
-Protects your soles and joints by helping feet fatigue rested and promoting the circulation of the blood.

*Registered Design and Trade patent in USA & Japan.




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Gevort - Boston

Gevort - Boston

Gevort - Boston