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Tublock Trekking shoes

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  • Materialpolyurethane, leather, polyester, etc
  • Size35 * 15 * 25 cm
  • Weight900 g

[ILS Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

 Tublock Trekking Shoes  


Tublock was born on the concept of "Free Walking" and accomplished with 35 year field career of CEO, from dealing with raw materials to management of final products.  

Applied core techniques made our shoes properly matched with our concept.

Outstanding Features of Tublock

  -  Excellent shock absorption
  -  Body protection achieved from lightening up the weight
  -  Soft sole : stimulated like walking with barefoot



                                                                * Size: 230 ~ 255 (KOR) 6~8.5(US) for Red color 

                                                          * Size: 255 ~ 290 (KOR) 7.5~11(US) for Orange color 




"A foot makes a beat, Tublock creates the rhythm." 

In addition we want you to find out the little pleasures in your daily life. 
Wearing and walking with Tublock, as if playing or touching the piano and
Wish your joyful walking and running with the new concept of Tublock, PIANO SHOES. 





**Meet our unique products at the webpage,  




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Tublock Tracking shoes